Shipping policy

All our products are digital!

No physical item will be shiped or delvidered

Within 24 hours or less, I will email your design files. All items will be emailed to your registered email, the one you used when placing your order, please double check the email writing. If all looks correct and perfect, you can save it and proceed to use (digital) or printing at home or in a photo laboratory of your preference as many as you want.

You should check your spam / junk folder when the order was completed and the files aren´t at your email inbox.

You can contact us for any issue.


Refunds and Cancellations

If you need to cancell your order before delivered please email me asap.

Delivered files dont´need to be returned.  The money could only be refunded under an  emailed agreement between the parts.

There are a couple of reasons to be refunded; generally your dissatisfaction once the product is delivered, or: the order cancellation before delivering the product.

The money will not be refunded after 24 hours the product has been delivered without receiving and mutually agreeing on a refund request.

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