Hulk Capri Sun Juice Label


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Thanks for visiting my Hulk Capri Sun Juice Labels design product.

Hulk Capri Sun Juice Label

Please before placing your order take a minute and read the following information.

1.-This product is digital, not phisycal item will be shiped.

2.- I need the name and age of the birthday boy/girl, please fill the fields when placing your order.

4.-All my files are high resolution 300 ppi.

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Capri Sun Labels prints to 8.5 x 11 sheet, 4 3.25*4.75 inchs labels per page.

***what are you going to receive***

You will receive 1 pdf 8.5*11 inch files, containing 4 printable capri sun juice labels 3.25*4.75 inches.

Your Personalized design will be emailed.


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Within 24 hours or less, I will email your printable Rice krispie terat Wrapper design. You can save it and proceed  printing at home or in a photo laboratory of your preference as many as you want.

Notice: Some photo laboratories have problem whit copyrigths, so you are adverted that not all laboratories can print it.

If you have any questions, please send an email to me.



If you need to cancell your order before delivered please email us asap.

The money could only be refunded under an  emailed agreement between the parts.

There are a couple of reasons to be refunded; generally your dissatisfaction once the product is delivered, or: the order cancellation before delivering the product.

The money will not be refunded after 24 hours the product has been delivered without receiving and mutually agreeing on a refund request.



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Please note that you are paying for a creative service and the time spent designing and personalizing your item with personal information and/or photos, which is permitted for one-time PERSONAL USE. This item is not a licensed product; all character images used are free and not being sold. We DO NOT SELL or claim ownership over the character clipart or graphics; they belong to their respective copyright holders.

It is very important to note that copyright restrictions on the Characters only permit graphics to be used for one time personal use such as birthday parties. Not all photo labs are aware of this policy and if you have issues with a photo lab refusing to print for you, please try another local photo lab or print at home yourself. You are responsible for the printing of your invitation. I do not provide a copyright release, so make sure the company that you use for printing doesn’t need one. No refunds will be given for printing issues.


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